Designing Collaboration

“Our people have great digital collaboration tools, so why aren’t they collaborating?!”

Sound familiar?

At Hargraves, we’ve been working with successful leaders and their teams for almost 20 years. We know what makes innovation happen. And we know how critical great collaboration is to successful innovation.

That’s why we’ve partnered with leading digital collaboration experts, Innosis, to share tools to drive digital collaboration.

Research today shows that:

  • We spend 80% or more time collaborating (emails, meetings, phone calls)
  • Over 70% of innovation comes from collaboration (adaption or copying)
  • We work in twice as many teams (as 5 years ago)

Many medium and large organisations have embraced social collaboration tools for their potential to solve business problems and deliver innovative ways of working. Yet seamless cross-organisational collaboration is rare. Leaders are facing an all-too-common productivity challenge: ‘Our staff have great digital collaboration tools, but they’re still not collaborating.’

To discover the missing link, we need to look past the tools and understand that tools don’t switch on collaboration, people do.

We need to build a workforce of collaborative people.

Designing digital collaboration

Explore DIY tools to foster collaborative people and teams.

Step 1

Start with our free Designing Collaboration Diagnostic

A series of simple, plain-language statements that distil all the great collaborative behaviours outlined in ‘Designing Collaboration: An Essential Handbook for Today’s Digital Workplace’.

This Diagnostic will help team and workgroup leaders rate their team’s collaborative behaviours on a scale from 1-7, identifying which behaviours need attention more than others.

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Step 2

Download the free ‘Designing Collaboration for Senior Leaders Playbook’

The first in the Innosis Playbook series, this hands-on tactical guide brings your people along on your digital collaboration journey.

Download free, compliments of Innosis.

(Learn more about the Playbook)

Step 3

Explore the “Designing Collaboration Book”

The handbook you need when you need a manual.

Based on 15 years’ hands-on experience, and written in an easy-going, plain language style, ‘Designing Collaboration’ sets out a framework of 7 elements designed to evolve and build the behaviours necessary for people to become great collaborators in the digital workplace.

‘Designing Collaboration’ puts people and collaborative behaviours back at the centre of the discussion, where they should be.

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