Collaborizza 3-Participant Extender Pack

Extends your Collaborizza Kit for up to another 3 participants.

What’s in the Extender Pack?

  • 3 packs of Collaborizza Cards
  • 3 Individual Team member journals
  • 4 sheets of Collaborizza Vision Stickers
  • 1 Sticker template.

Provides 3 participants with a pack of Collaborizza Cards, a Team member journal and a sheet of Collaborizza Vision Stickers. Also includes another sheet of Vision Stickers and a Sticker template to enable another subgroup to be formed. (Price equates to $265 per person.)

Note: the Extender Pack is not a standalone kit and must be purchased in conjunction with a full Collaborizza Kit. Materials are loosely packed in plain packaging.

Collaborizza® is a registered trade mark of CCS Corporation P/L.

AUD $795.00

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