6 TeamPlays Pack
(New Zealand)

Better digital teams in the palm of your hand

Introducing the Digital Team Builder 6 TeamPlays Pack. 50 action-oriented Strategy and Everyday Practice cards, carefully curated with simple instructions to help you solve teamworking challenges, improve digital teamworking habits and build effective collaboration within and across teams. 

Each deck includes:
  • 28 Everyday practice cards.
  • 22 Strategy cards.
  • Card List for 6 TeamPlays
  • Download bonus extras including Team boards and the Designing Collaboration ebook.
Prices including shipping to New Zealand:
  • Single deck: $57
  • Twin Pack including 2 decks: $90
  • Team Pack including 12 decks: $400

Contact us for bulk orders.

AUD $57.00AUD $400.00

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