Leadership In Three Words
'How to' Guide

Successful leadership demands innovation, superior skills and the ability to motivate and inspire others.

How can leaders, teams and individuals harness the collective intelligence and skills within an organisation?

It's about taking space, time and permission - to talk, ask and think out loud.

Based on the positive Leadership In Three Words concept, Leadership expert Ricky Nowak has partnered with Hargraves to develop a ‘How to’ guide including trigger questions to help your people gain consensus on how they work and behave.

This 8-page guide includes practical and proven DIY tools to support leaders and teams as they:

Leadership 'How To' Guide

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Designed for Hargraves by Ricky Nowak, (MAICD, CSP)
Hargraves Partner, Leadership Coach and Expert 
Author of Leadership In Three Words
Ricky Nowak Leadership Is Individual

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