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This blog is a preliminary report of an action learning project currently underway.

Hargraves Institute has been coaching the leadership team of an ASX company for nearly 12 months. Performance has been strong, with sales and the share price higher today than in October 2019.

In October 2019, an executive offsite activity highlighted what was necessary to make this team thrive. The same activity was conducted in June 2020 using the new Collaborizza – Workshop in a box. While the participants were the same, the results were vastly different.

What makes this team thrive?

October 2019

June 2020

100% people in office
100% people working remotely
Job focus
  • Respect skills and strengths of team members
  • Common vision
  • Focus on execution and delivery
  • Create a good future for all
  • Work hard, play hard
Job focus
  • Have a questioning mindset
  • Clear direction both short and long term
People focus
  • Courage to face challenges
  • Trust your peers
People focus
  • Be assertive and forward focussed
  • Trust your peers
  • Achieve deep personal satisfaction
  • Build deep relationships
  • Celebrate success with your team

As teams and leaders adapt, the focus and discussion have moved from ‘activity and numbers’ to ‘people and experience’. The next step is to conduct the same workshop with all direct reports to the executive team and analyse further changes.

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