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When your hybrid team gets together, it’s important to get it right.

Creating a positive employee experience in the office and remote is a new challenge for leaders and hybrid teams. So while a Team Day is a significant investment, taking time out for valuable team building activities is time well spent.

Made up of many small, connected actions, Team Days play a critical role in team-building and can deliver significant returns in productivity, creativity and wellness over the longer term. In addition, the in-office Team Day plays a crucial role in starting teams, building hybrid teams and maintaining high performing teams.

But while designing and delivering a successful, engaging team day is essential, it’s also a new skill for many leaders.

At Hargraves, we’ve facilitated hundreds (if not thousands) of Team Days. So we collated our top tips and four of our downloadable team tools to help you deliver your own successful Team Day.


Easy Start (6 Simple Questions)

How do your team members really feel about collaboration?

In our experience, when individuals feel confident about their place and purpose, and understand how to connect with others – face-to-face and online – collaboration will be more successful.

By answering 6 simple questions, team members will learn how they really feel about collaboration.


Fast Activity

Time To Love Your Work

Running a hybrid team isn’t easy. Using action-oriented Strategy and Everyday Practice cards, work with your team to explore ways to build a more flexible hybrid working model.

How-to-Guides and Canvases


The Modern Workplace Canvas for Thriving Teams

Whether you use Microsoft 365, Teams, Yammer, Slack or something else, you already have the tools for digital collaboration.

Now, it's time to kick-start digital transformation and develop a 'people first' approach for healthy collaboration.


Build Outcomes

Pause & Reflect

Reflection is critical. Before wrapping up your Team Day, ask team members to take some time to think about what they've learnt and how they might apply it.

Introducing Collaborizza®

The collaboration workshop kit – in a box. With everything you need to deliver an engaging Team-building Workshop and follow-up.

Improve team relationships and healthy collaboration – straight out of the box.


Collaborizza® is a registered trademark of CCS Corporation Pty Ltd. Developed in a collaboration between CCS Corporation and Hargraves Institute.

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