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Leaders globally are grappling with how to lead with the sort of deep courage, conviction and care that is more influential than the pandemic is destructive.

Irrespective of whether businesses are working locally or virtually, leaders lament the loss of control over their operations and culture. While new restrictions do their bit to prohibit and protect us, new fears or challenges loom large like distorted shadows in a haunted house. And quite frankly, this is no time for the faint-hearted.

The song lyrics may say, “what the world needs now is love”, but right now, what the world needs is for strong leaders to take back control, and together with their people, work against the rising tide of insecurity and inertia.

In the busyness of everyday work, it’s hard enough for leaders to find time to get through the day to day, much less reflect on culture, actions, beliefs, behaviours, perspectives, expertise, relationships and infrastructure. But when we fail to make time to get the basics right, it’s no wonder the other stuff often falls over.

The first step is for leaders to make their people feel part of the solution, to really connect and collaborate with staff, colleagues, peers and associates in ways that will enable everyone to emerge stronger. And the most effective way to do that is to flip current fears into curious, fun and open conversations by introducing a new way for people to converse and connect.

In collaboration with Ricky Nowak, Hargraves Institute has designed a unique series of 48 surprisingly simple yet provocative and practical Leadership Cards to help you and your people bring to the surface underlying issues that are not often discussed and rarely challenged.

By selecting certain cards, you’ll be able to understand different viewpoints, flesh out what matters most, and stop feeling isolated, frustrated or immobilised. Won’t that be a welcome relief!

We're proud to welcome Ricky to the Hargraves family, combining Ricky's insight and expertise with Hargraves' experience to transform Leadership in Three Words into an entire Leadership Toolkit to support our global community.

Allan Ryan, Executive Director, Hargraves Institute

Based on Ricky Nowak’s book, Leadership in Three Words, and the successful Hargraves Question Canvas methodology, the Leadership Cards include specifically designed question groups for individuals, teams and organisations. They can be used by individuals or teams, online (via digital cards) or in the office (by printing the pdf or pre-ordering physical packs).

The Leadership @ Work Cards deliver a practical DIY solution that anyone in a leadership role can use – from team leaders and managers to executives and C-suite and coaches, trainers, and facilitators running group events. In other words, something where you can control when you do them, how often and how deep you want to go into the questions!

Hargraves has an extraordinary commitment to developing and delivering free DIY tools to help everyone become more innovative. Through partnering with Allan and the team, we've turned Leadership in Three Words into an entire Leadership Toolkit that gives everyone choices and chances to have a fair say and equal voice!

Ricky Nowak, Leadership Coach and expert

So be a leader of the pack and make others one too.
Download the digital cards and your free Leadership @ Work Toolkit

Or start with a Hargraves TeamPlay! #SeriousFun

“How can we all lead and be better together, apart?”

The shift to remote and hybrid work has seen the importance of teams and teamwork rise. Today, successful and high performing teams are self-directed. All team mates take a leadership role. Everyone shares, asks and helps equally. We all lead together.

The Better Together TeamPlay includes 16 question cards handpicked from the Leadership @ Work toolkit to help team leaders facilitate a collaborative conversation with their teams and create a leadership improvement plan when together and apart.

Written for Hargraves by Ricky Nowak, (MAICD, CSP)
Hargraves Partner, Leadership Coach and Expert 
Author of Leadership In Three Words
Ricky Nowak Leadership Is Individual

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