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Is your team surviving or thriving?

How to start reviving!

One thing is clear: None of us is the same today as we were before 2020. So, as our employees change, the ways we empower them must also evolve. And while flexible and hybrid working predominates, not all working arrangements are working. Therefore, the challenge is to identify the steps your team needs to take together in order to thrive.

How teams co-design new ways of working to thrive is the priority.

"to be energised and empowered
to do meaningful work."

Employees who are thriving talk about teamwork, autonomy, and inclusion. Meanwhile, those who aren’t thriving talk about siloes, bureaucracy, and a lack of collaboration.

We define the difference between thriving and surviving as ‘collaborative working’.

Strategies for successful collaborative working

Building a thriving team is like the Tour de France. Firstly, it’s a long haul, not a sprint. Each team member brings their own strengths. And everyone starts together through planning and commitment.

Recently, a hybrid team in a large tech company met up in Melbourne for the first time in over 2 years. And Hargraves was there to help them navigate the 5 steps to thriving teams.

5 steps to thriving teams​

Tech Company Case Study

(Note, specific details have been removed for privacy.)

case study
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1. Identify what energises everyone    

People become energised when they can use their individual strengths every day. Challenging problems and new types of issues give people energy as they inspire curiosity and inquisitiveness and stretch their abilities.

2. Co-design and agree your team’s unique values and beliefs   

The team co-designed and agreed on the unique values and beliefs that empowered them.

Teams are empowered when they have the autonomy to make decisions, the competency to do the work and a sense of progress that reveals they are moving forward to a common goal.

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Collaborizza outputs

3. Agree on actions 

Agree on the actions that will become the foundation for meaningful work – how the teams work better together and the strategy for delivering successful projects.

A journey is made of many small steps, and addressing the barriers holding the team back is as important as painting a big positive future.

4. Identify strengths

Team members participated in peer coaching sessions to identify their strengths and collaboration profile.

Peer coaching builds strong relationships and provides both the coach and coachee with a positive, beneficial experience. Taking a small amount of time to focus on yourself also addresses wellness, trust and belonging issues.

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5. Commit

Finally, team members committed to continuing their ‘thriving’ journey.

The simple and significant act of taking a team photo or signing the commitment are important rituals that bring teams together.

In our experience, collaboration thrives on 2 key attributes – confidence and connectedness.

While technology enables us to collaborate in different ways, understanding the attributes and behaviours that drive healthy collaboration has never been more critical.

Hargraves collaboration model - the 6 pillars of collaboration
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