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“A fool with a tool is still a fool”, says Frank Hull when reflecting on his research into the importance of having a certain savvy to boost work performance. His research demonstrates that technical skills, tools and processes are important, but without the proper application, the benefits are limited.

But the good news is, you can develop the necessary ability to optimise the use of improvement tools and processes.

Our research shows a set of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours (soft skills) that, when combined with tools and skills (hard skills), create a ‘synergy bonus’ that Frank Hull calculates to be around 58%.

“The synergy bonus is a key to why some enterprises are able to outperform others by achieving both kinds of generic competitive advantage simultaneously, efficiency and innovation."

Hull, F and Collins, P; The Innovation Paradox; Strategy Research Institute; 2010
Innovation Mindset - Theory Hull

Through collating the attributes of an innovation mindset, we begin to understand why some people and organisations can innovate so easily while others struggle, and develop tools and processes to help individuals develop and apply this mindset in their work.

[This research is aligned to the model produced by Nesta, a government-funded innovation foundation in the UK which published a model of the innovation attributes that make government organisations successful.]

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Importantly, our research shows that most people already have many of the attributes behind an innovation mindset, but are yet to understand its importance, haven’t had permission to apply it or haven’t applied it in the right way.

When we start by assuming you’re halfway there, the glass is half full, and through storytelling and conversation, individuals learn to articulate their strengths and pinpoint what they need to work on. And through understanding how to apply an innovation action model in their day-to-day work, individuals can achieve better results from teamwork.

At the same time, leaders can learn how to encourage their teams to find and use their specific innovation mindset.

  • Do you want to be more successful in your role and career? An innovation mindset can help you understand your skills to secure your future.
  • Are you a leader seeking to boost team performance? An innovation mindset will help you bring out the best in your team.
  • Are you responsible for complex projects or demanding technical situations? Then, an innovation mindset can improve your delivery performance.
  • Or are you responsible for customer, employee or digital experience? An innovation mindset will help you connect better through empathy, curiosity and creativity.

An innovation mindset is a core competency for the future and Hargraves will show you the way.

Beyond Bank

I’ve read heaps of articles on innovation, but understanding innovation mindset made it all gel and I could see how I can ‘do’ innovation in my day to day job.

Department of Human Services

Love the idea of innovation is about everyone, not just the specialists.

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