Innovation @ Microsoft [Case Study]

Shared learnings on how being social – using applications such as Yammer – is essential for collaboration and innovation

Microsoft hosted the cohort and the team from Digital Infusions, a digital consultancy specialising in social innovation through digital platforms (i.e., Yammer).

Scott Ward, CEO of Digital Infusions, presented a session on how social platforms such as Yammer can increase productivity and innovation throughout the workplace.

Key insights

  • Digital platforms enable insight and collaboration at all levels (i.e., a travel policy example was used to demonstrate how feedback from the grassroots level can influence senior leadership decisions).
  • It is important that the leadership team is prepared to engage positively in these exercises.
  • People need some new skills to use and be confident using social media well.
  • Applications within Yammer (such as Ideocial) can be used as a crowdsourcing method.
  • Industry relies on crowdsourcing for idea selection and development.
  • Online communities can also provide other means of networking within an organisation.
  • The BILIT™ model (brokerage, integration, leadership, incentive, trust).

We thank Microsoft for engaging and sharing insights with our Hargraves community.

Case Study written for Hargraves by y Adam Costantini, Contract Management Officer, Directorate of Base Services: Management, Integration & Coordination. Adam was a guest of Hargraves at the recent PSIA2016 Tours (September 2016).

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