Innovation @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise [Case Study]

A fascinating insight into the opportunities and processes for digital transformation

The HPE Chief Technologists (Roger Lawrence, Giro Villano, and Jack Story) provided an overview of emerging trends in technology (augmented reality/virtual reality) and how these can be applied in a commercial context. They also explained the ‘Internet of Things’ and the emergence of DevOps (the collaboration of development, operations and testing) throughout the information industry.

Key insights

  • The complexity of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and information trends across industry has resulted in more ‘collaboration’ than competition as firms understand they don’t have the ‘full’ solution to solving complex problems in an ‘IoT’ space.
  • We are moving from a product ownership model to a service access model.
  • There is a process to help organisations transform their digital operations.
  • Virtual and augmented reality has unlimited potential in many industries. (A range of examples was provided ranging from medical, automotive, facilities maintenance, etc.)

We thank Hewlett Packard Enterprise for engaging and sharing insights with our Hargraves community.

Case Study written for Hargraves by y Adam Costantini, Contract Management Officer, Directorate of Base Services: Management, Integration & Coordination. Adam was a guest of Hargraves at the recent PSIA2016 Tours (September 2016).

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