In an unpredictable future, how do you coach successful people?

Clients often ask me:

“How can you coach people to see the future both as a series of threats and as a field of opportunities, that cannot be predicted or controlled?”

Knowing that the leadership and teaming paradigms have shifted, there is an increasing need for innovation coaching to respond to this question. This is reinforced by the need to develop people’s innovation skill-sets and close their “knowing-dong” gaps to survive and thrive through disruption.

Coaching innovation leaders & teams

It’s more important than ever to teach people to unlearn – through structured coaching processes – their habitual ways of being, thinking and doing. To create a safe space for people to learn how to embrace creative, collaborative and experimental ways of enhancing their bravery, boldness, determination and courage in uncertain times.

Effective coaching teaches key competencies to help individuals prepare for a future they cannot predict. These include:

  • Design, creative and critical thinking to help individuals make sense of their world through fresh eyes.
  • Start-up methodologies to experiment with new business models, with iteration and pivoting new services, products and delivery streams that can be scaled and leveraged.
  • Generative discovery skills in deep listening, questioning and debating to provoke and disrupt the status quo.
  • Teaming and networking to break down silos, identify and maximise inter-dependencies, collaborate and build high-value delivery eco-systems.


What about hitting your pause button, and retreating and reflecting on what all of this means about leading and coaching people to achieve your organisation’s long-term growth, success and sustainability?

Written for Hargraves by Janet Sernack, Innovation People Leader, Consultant and Coach, ImagineNation. Janet also delivers the Coach for Innovators Certified Program.

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