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Recently the Hargraves Victorian group met at the amazing offices of AGL to collaborate, share and inspire each other. I was amazed to see how quickly the group engaged and got right into sharing their challenges and were so open to new and diverse opinions in such a short space of time.

So what did we learn…..

I was not surprised to see the common issues that organisations are facing in this age of digital transformation, growth challenges and the quest for being more Innovative. The desire for new tools, real insights and a greater certainty of innovation success was a topic of conversation. More importantly, attendees had a desire to create and embed an innovative culture that continues to evolve with time beyond the company itself, with the need for strong partnerships that unlock value.

The key challenges communicated were:
  1. How to accelerate innovation with real insights, right tools at the right time with ROI measures
  2. How to develop an innovation culture and drive it deep into the organization
  3. How to break down silos in organisations to improve collaboration & accelerate performance
  4. How to develop sustainable business to business partnerships with suppliers and customers
  5. How to change innovation business models learning from the past to innovate for the future
  6. How to use internal and external networks to drive better innovation outcomes
Quotes from our Hargraves gathering

“Hargraves lets you go far…..together. Don’t go it alone.”

“Meet people with truly different perspectives in the innovation space. I heard several new solutions today.”

“The value that curates’ networks and chance conversations, add to the innovation process and cannot be overstated”

“The use of Collaboration Circles was a great tool to get diverse thinking and free answers to your innovation challenge”.

The theme of “Ignite and Inspire” was to promote the value of collaboration with like-minded organisations who are striving to lead, renew and unlock innovation potential. Most innovation leaders I have spoken to recently are concerned with the amount of disruption and the rate of innovation that is required for them to compete. It is hard to predict for even the most connected leaders, and there is one thing that is certain……that new technology and innovation will have a major impact on business whatever market sector you work in.

So my message to you is

  1. Don’t be left “asleep at the wheel” as the saying goes
  2. Hargraves can help with tools and techniques that will challenge the way you do things
  3. Past success does not guarantee future success

Where to Next?

Hargraves’ role is to unleash the potential for you, your teams and your organisation by providing workshops and training that will enhance skills and introduce innovation tools to deliver greater innovation success. I am working on a calendar of events to address the challenges you identified, so stay tuned as we IGNITE the program for 2017/18.

Written by Sandra Loader, Hargraves Victorian Advocate with expertise including strategy, change, mentoring and leaders.

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