Hybrid Working Toolkit​

Downloadable tools to get your hybrid team working! 


It’s clear that the shift to hybrid working isn’t a short-term blip. So, after all this time, why is leading a hybrid or remote team still challenging? 

It doesn’t matter which digital tools you use; great digital teamwork starts with a good foundation. So instead of talking about technology, we need to go back to basics. In other words, why do we need to collaborate? And importantly, with so much change happening, should we be focused on replicating our practices or changing them? Once we understand this, we set the scene to enable hybrid working to really work. 

It’s time to put people and collaborative behaviours back at the centre of digital collaboration, where they should be. 

(This Toolkit includes downloads and resources which complement the 6 TeamPlays deck.) 

Firstly, the question ‘Where do we start?’ is a common one.

Like any business initiative, the answer is to understand the current state, and how people today use the tools they’re provided with. When we know that, we can zoom in on the facets we need to improve or fix. 


Start by evaluating where you are today​

The Digital Collaboration Diagnostic is a simple DIY process to help team leads and line managers evaluate their progress toward building successful hybrid teams, though a focus on 'people' factors like trust, engagement, and connection.*

How-to-Guides and Canvases

Tackling the 'What to use when' dilemma​

Often hybrid teams are simply told to use whatever collaboration tools are necessary to get the job done. While this seems logical, it often sows confusion around the right tool to use and when. The Collaboration Touchpoint Profiler offers a clear pathway to eradicating this problem in a few small steps. 


TeamPlay: Time To Love Your Work

Running a hybrid team isn’t easy. Use this TeamPlay with your team to explore practical ways to build a hybrid working model that gives flexibility around where AND when you work.

ebooks, surveys

'How to create hybrid teams that work' ebook

The transition from traditional office-based work to hybrid working can be daunting. Designed for team and workgroup leaders, this timely eBook breaks down the challenge into simple, logical steps. It's a step-by-step guide to help you build successful hybrid teams from scratch. 

* We recommend supplementing the Digital Collaboration Diagnostic with a review of your collaboration platform usage statistics or the use of a more advanced tool like SWOOP Analytics. In addition, our Hybrid Teams eBook covers how the two work together. 

Introducing 6 TeamPlays

Running a hybrid team isn’t easy! Use our DIY TeamPlays with your team to tackle the most (un)popular hybrid working challenges.
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