Collaborizza toolkit for high-performing teams

How to transition to a new post-Covid workplace that people will love

Case Study

As organisations transition back into the physical workplace, many are taking the opportunity to reconnect their teams and reset their team culture.

For the leadership team at Morton, a geographically diverse business, this was particularly true. With 85 distributed staff, the leadership team knew that the success of the business revolved around the individual teams working effectively.  Collaborizza was used for this purpose and resulted in excellent conversations and the teams physically reconnecting.

It also highlighted that the existing values needed to evolve to be more relevant to the post-Covid workplace.

The Collaborizza process provided the input for refreshing the cultural values as it is a natural bottom-up process. The leadership team understood that a high performing culture needed to be built from the ground up. So the extension of Collaborizza to a cultural adjustment process was a natural next step.

Covid future. Time and budget were tight.

Covid has amplified the shadow culture, the negative thoughts and behaviours created by stress and anxiety. In good times, when things are going well, you don’t notice the shadows. They only come to the fore when people are tested, and they can drown out other stories and become the only story. We looked for different experiences to create new conversations and replace the negative narrative that was emerging.

Ewan Morton, Joint Managing Director

The challenge:

Was to engage all staff in a physical environment to engage as teams and co-design new team values that reflect the reality of a post-Covid world. And everyone is busy.

The goal:

Was to reconnect teams and transition the workplace culture across the organisation, keeping the best of the current culture and unmasking new values for a high-performing culture, with people and well-being at the centre. And keep their existing staff.

With 85 staff spread across 7 locations, a tight budget and numerous lockdowns, everyone was busy with their day to day work. But they knew it was important and had to find the time.

First, the leadership selected an executive coach (Allan Ryan) to guide the process. Next, they chose Collaborizza as the engagement tool for all teams.

Initially, Allan facilitated several larger workshops. Then he trained internal staff to deliver the smaller workshops. Following the delivery of all ten Collaborizza workshops, the internal HR team collated data and outcomes.

This information became the basis for consultation with staff about refreshing the organisational values by invigorating the team, enhancing collaboration, and propelling them forward post-Covid.

It was the most straightforward and effective team-building process I have ever been involved in.

Collaborizza made it easy and safe for everyone to be included and contribute openly to the outcomes. In addition, Collaborizza gave all staff an equal voice and a common language and was an enjoyable way to deal with important topics.

David Elton, Joint Managing Director
Collaborizza David Elton, Morton

Finally, a small internal project team created a new values document including all staff engagement, commitment, and input. Moreover, as staff had already been engaged in the entire journey, an implementation or change program was deemed unnecessary.


In February 2022, Morton Real Estate shared the new values chosen by their people, for their people. 

  • Courage & Commitment
  • Respect & Trust
  • Fun & Harmony

You can do it too!

Collaborizza is a solid, thought-through process that takes your team on a journey, challenging them – safely – to have conversations and move forward together.

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