Facebook by Workplace host Hargraves Collaborative Circle

How to transform your workplace for the future

Our latest Collaborative Circle hosted by Workplace by Facebook invited leaders to discuss digital collaboration, sharing success and learnings across a wide range of issues. These leaders spanned organisations including ADAPT, DeakinCo., Elders Rural Services Limited, Event Hospitality & Entertainment, Facebook Inc., Flight Centre, Lendlease, LJ Hooker, NBN, NSW Department of Industry, United Nations, Winc, and more.

The starting point for discussion was our Digital Collaboration Canvas developed in collaboration with SWOOP Analytics and incorporating over 60 case studies. The canvas uses an adaptive approach and highlights the questions that digital collaboration is addressing.

“It makes you think about common problems and instead of solving them,
generate inspiration and useful connections that can actually help you find solutions.” NBN

During the facilitated sessions, leaders discussed Digital Collaboration trends. The 3 most common strengths and opportunities agreed upon were:

Digital Collaboration – Strengths

Your Values: 

Are your values exhibited in conversations and actions? This question shows the power of digital collaboration to drive culture within large geographically dispersed organisations.

Social Connection including effective partnerships, give and share: 

Is peer-to-peer recognition encouraged and happening every day? Do you have external networks? Are people encouraged to help? Are people encouraged to ask questions?These have been grouped to show the many connections that digital can achieve.

DIY Learning:

Are your social networks supporting social learning and supporting training? This is a clear ROI where training costs and time are reduced with digital collaboration.

“A violently efficient means of productive collaboration.”
United Nations Association of Australia, NSW Division

Digital Collaboration – Opportunities for Improvement

Leaders as role models: Does the leader and leadership team get it? How do they walk the talk? Are bosses engaging authentically and having genuine conversations? Digital collaboration is a big opportunity for leaders to:

  • Connect with everyone in their organisation.
  • Demonstrate the values highlighted above.
  • Lead by example and show that digital collaboration is both valued and welcomed.

Feedback: Do individuals have access to feedback about their performance? Like…Who do I want to be? What works on my posts? What are my most engaging posts? Which ones do people like? Which ones are completely ignored? How do I compare to everyone else in the organisation? Everyone likes feedback for their contribution as it:

  • Is a way to say thank you for making the effort.
  • Communicates that it’s safe to collaborate.
  • Gives others the confidence to engage and create posts.

Managed Dependencies: Is there a clear understanding of who we depend on, and who depends on us? This is all about silo-busting and networks of teams.

“Thank you for empowering me to think differently.
I am walking away with the tools I need to become a more collaborative leader.” ADAPT

The digital revolution is challenging everyone: every team and every workplace. Change and disruption are threatening. Digital collaboration tools like Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Slack are more important than ever in helping workforces and workplaces transform.

Next Steps

Digital collaboration tools are a significant investment. To achieve a return, they need to deliver improved productivity for your people and teams.​ Whether you use Microsoft 365, Teams, Yammer, Slack or Workplace from Facebook, you already have the tools for better digital collaboration. Now you need to develop a ‘people first’ approach. Download the Modern Workplace Canvas including the Digital Collaboration Canvas to get started.

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