How to question the future together? Together, question the future of work.

The technology tsunami and market disruption are combining to change many aspects of work. Leaders and teams are being challenged to understand and then undertake new ways of working.

The pace of change means that leaders are unable to keep up or be experts. Importantly, new ways of working mean that leaders no longer need to predict the future or be a single source of truth. The new role of the leader is to engender curiosity and encourage inquiry and exploration in themselves and their teams.

The new skill of the modern workplace leader is to ask better questions. The successful leader mindset is to define creativity and innovation as constantly challenging with questions and inquiry, rather than solutions or ideas. A modern leader will inspire their people to navigate new questions and, importantly, create cultures of rapid learning.

Brainstorming will be replaced with question storming.

Solutioning replaced with navigation.

Design will remain important and be combined with a whole new range of inquiry tools.

Lean and agile approaches will continue to grow as speed becomes a more important differentiator.

Modern workplace structures are shifting from traditional hierarchies of individual employees to networks of highly self-directed and cross-functional teams. Collaboration is replacing command and control as a mechanism of power. Influence comes from many sources.

Collaboration and questioning are replacing top-down direction and single person solutioning.

As the roles of artificial intelligence and machine learning increase, success will come from embracing and demonstrating the human qualities that set us apart from technology. Diversity, purpose and values will become more important as a differentiator in a crowded marketplace.

Simply put, your future success will come from embracing collaboration and questioning whilst being different, value-driven and purposeful. All the things a machine can’t do.

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Image by Gerd Altman from Pixabay


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