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How to energise and maximise your team in 2019

If ‘busy’ is the new norm, how can you make 2019 different?

The end of the year is racing towards us. As the year counts down, competing priorities become more challenging.


Here’s 3 ideas to keep you on track.

  1. Get some clarity early in the new year with big picture planning. The Competing Values Framework (Ref. Cameron and Quinn) is designed to help individuals navigate flexibility versus stability, and define and leverage the natural tension between ‘Create versus Control’ and ‘Collaborate versus Compete’.
  2. Our community uses a diagnostic clock based on the Competing Values Framework to identify areas for individual and team focus, effort and resources. We invite you to try this collaborative tool.
  3. Compare your challenges with our priorities for 2019. Each priority is important and has already been solved.


Hargraves Diagnostic Clock


Download as PDF

If a single penny can change the Big Ben pendulum’s center of mass, what small change can change your team?
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For more information on the Competing Values Framework, visit:

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