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How to develop a more creative, engaged and empowered workplace

Sustaining success in today’s uncertain, unstable and highly competitive business environment is becoming increasingly dependent on learning, yet most people, and some organisations, don’t seem to know how to learn, never mind know how to develop and coach learning agility.

“In an age of rapidly evolving technologies, business models, demographics, and even workplace attitudes – all shifting concurrently- change is not only constant but also exponential in its pace and scope.”

BCG in their “Twelve Forces That Will Radically Change How Organisations Work” report identified 4 key categories:

  • The first 2 address changes in demand for talent; technological and digital productivity and shifts in the ways of generating business value.
  • The second 2 address changes in the supply of talent; shifts in resource distribution and changing workforce culture and values.If we want to seriously achieve 21st century success, sustainability, then we must work harder at making people matter – what can you think or do differently to make you people feel valued and appreciated?


12 powerful forces will revolutionize how organisations function

These forces are revolutionising the whole notion of talent and the way work gets done in companies. It compels leaders to rethink and relearn “even the most basic assumptions about how their organisations’ function”.

There is an incredible opportunity to apply innovation coaching as a vehicle for enabling people and teams to succeed and advance their careers and impact positively the business. By enabling them to re-think how to maximise the benefits of these 12 forces to accelerate business growth, revenue streams and sustainability for the long term.

This also results in a more creative, engaging and empowered high-performing workplace that can learn how to increase revenue generating products and services and generate greater customer satisfaction (and advocacy).

How could your organisation benefit from increasing your speed to market by the number of collaborative and innovative projects delivered on time to budget? From improved operational efficiencies and an innovation culture and eco-system that unleashes your innovation potential and maximises your people’s talent?
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Written for Hargraves by our partner:
Janet Sernack, Innovation People Leader, Consultant and Coach, ImagineNation.

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