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How to achieve your hybrid working sweet spot: best for workers and leaders

Recently, Cameron Adams, co-founder of Canva, shared with the Sydney Morning Herald their fully flexible return to work strategy once lockdowns come to an end. In searching for the hybrid working sweet spot, he highlighted the value of building genuine connections.

“We also realise that we need connection as a group, so everyone in Canva needs to feel connected, teams need to feel connected, they need to communicate in different ways, they need to collaborate in different ways and often that can best be done in person.

When possible, you should come into the office at least two times a quarter and when you do come in, make it a moment that’s really worthwhile so that you’re connecting with your team, you’re sharing ideas with them, and you’re bonding.”

As a result of surveying staff, Canva believes the majority will want to come into the office two or three days a week, the ‘sweet spot’ for many.

Recently, the OECD published a detailed report on the human side of productivity and well-being of telework, including key highlights of an OECD survey among managers and workers.

The report states that: “Existing evidence on telework before the crisis provides insights into mechanisms through which telework can improve or harm productivity in ‘normal times’, when employees can choose more freely how much to work from home.”

Worker satisfaction and well-being

The key message from the OECD report is that worker satisfaction and well-being are essential to achieving gains. Moreover, genuine efficiency gains are most likely if both workers and firms benefit from telework. There is a sweet spot between telework and efficiency.

Your hybrid work sweet spot is NOT about the days in the office; it is about the balance between knowledge flow, oversight, communication and worker satisfaction.

Or, in Adams’ words, “make it a moment that’s really worthwhile so that you’re connecting with your team”.

Teleworking and productivity
Image source: The Human Side of Productivity

Who do you need to engage in the process?

Where do you start?

Whether your hybrid working sweet spot is workplace first or remote-first, in our experience, healthy collaboration thrives on confidence and connectedness.

Collaborizza is a solid, thought-through process that takes your team on a journey, challenging them – safely – to have the conversations they might not have had and move forward together.

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