Awny receiving his Hargraves Innovator Award

How do you keep employees engaged, motivated and connected in the digital world?

Culture building is a unique challenge for organisations at this moment in history. There are well-documented advantages of working from home, including increased productivity, employee satisfaction and reduced costs. However, even in normal times, the major challenge is maintaining a positive connection to the company values and keeping the culture alive.

So how do you reinforce the mindset and behaviours that define your culture when the future is unclear? When many or most are working remotely? When there’s a general sense of panic and stress. And you don’t have a games room, face-to-face meetings or a water cooler?

One suggestion is to capture and share stories that are positive and reaffirming, stories that remind your workforce of your purpose and the value of your people.

Hargraves Institute has been working remotely with organisations to capture inspiring stories from the front line. We’ve been talking to the people who’ve made innovation and improvement happen in transport, healthcare, food manufacturing and agriculture.

We’ve helped them to reflect on their innovation and problem-solving experiences to articulate:

  • Their motivations
    What makes them want to act?
  • Their perspective
    The part of the process that they are good at and enjoy.
  • Their behaviours and characteristics
    The things others compliment them on, and of which they are proud.

Through sharing their stories and recognising their role in innovation, these individuals have received a Hargraves Innovator Award, aligned to Deakin.Co credentials from Certificate III to Master’s Level.

We’ve found that through writing up the story in the context of the innovation, the impact, and how the company helped, not only does it reinforce the individual’s strengths and act as a role model for others, it highlights the culture the organisations are building. In addition, sharing the stories through internal social channels strengthens connections and amplifies the message.

In addition to creating a healthy organisational culture, the innovator benefits from the positive experience and recognition. The organisation enjoys a multi-dimensional picture of the best parts of its workplace.

As a conversational tool, the Hargraves Innovator Awards can be carried out over the phone to support individuals working remotely.

Watch how this approach has been adopted at Sydney Trains.

Learn more about the Hargraves Innovator Awards and recognition.

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