How do you create space for healthy team conversations?

Quick Case Study

For this small team, choosing a card as a conversation starter helped them step out of their routine, creating a safe space to ask new and different questions and build stronger relationships with their peers.
Leadership at work - card A5

“As we all spoke, we learnt a lot about how different people reflect on themselves. For example, some of us downplayed our skills while others were more confident.

Sharing our experiences allowed for a sense of healthy vulnerability into opening up about something. We each spoke about different aspects of innovative thinking, including personal innovation, leadership within a professional relationship, and teamwork. 

Interestingly, while we all thought we would only speak for a few minutes, we ended up taking at least 10 minutes each to answer all four questions on the card. And while using the cards with people I knew made the process easier, it could be adapted quite easily for talking to strangers and silo-busting.

Collectively, we found what matters most was diversity, energy, being present, and listening.”

The Hargraves Cards offered a practical and straightforward process to step out of our routine and build stronger relationships by providing a safe space to ask new and different questions.

T Warn

You can do it too!

The Leadership@Work cards are a dynamic way to give everyone a voice – individually and as a team, whether face-to-face, remote or hybrid.

Put better conversations in the palm of your hand. Visit Leadership Matters to order, or download the free Leadership toolkit including PDF/png cards and have a play.

Leadership @ Work and the Leadership Cards were developed
in collaboration with Ricky Nowak, 
Hargraves Partner, Leadership Coach and Expert 
Author of Leadership In Three Words
Ricky Nowak Leadership Is Individual

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