How Covid is changing the team landscape

For most, the transition to remote working has been successful thanks to technology and our ability to adapt in the face of adversity. And now, after several months of remote working, the data shows some surprising and unexpected benefits and risks.

  • Microsoft Teams has moved from 40 million users to nearly 100 million in just 2 months. Research conducted with approximately 50,000 people across almost 5,000 teams by our friends at SWOOP Analytics has found that the percentage of self-led teams has risen from 50% to nearly 70%.

Graph of Microsoft Teams persona proportion

Source: CMS Wire

  • Digital leadership is a two-sided coin. Firstly, it’s about ‘technology-focused’ leaders understanding people issues and the use of new platforms. And, it’s about ‘people focused’ leaders learning more about technology and understanding the changes and opportunities they can create. Digital leadership is a practical example of collaboration and diversity.

The role of digital leadership has become more critical than ever.

  • Microsoft Australia CEO, Steven Worrall said in 2019 ‘People first, technology second’. A recent coaching session I did with an ASX listed technology/telco has highlighted the leadership shift from ‘business first’ to ‘relationship first’. It’s an exciting development that we’ll continue to examine. Read more about leadership in changing times.

  • Collaboration has gone from ‘nice to have’ to business reality and understanding how to assess collaboration performance has become an essential metric to success. Tools which nurture collaborative behaviours are critical.

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