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Innovation drives career success and satisfaction.

Are you looking for free tools and insights from innovation experts?
Trying to find some fresh ideas and inspiration help you innovate?
Curious, or new to innovation, and not sure where to start?

Have you heard the saying, “Why reinvent the wheel?”

Through Hargraves, you’ll connect with peers and experts, and discover what works, and what doesn’t, in innovation. Because collaboration is the key to successful innovation.

Step outside your day-to-day and discover community, collaboration and innovation.


Did you know?

Research shows that over 70% of innovation comes from collaboration (and imitation), while less than 20% comes from entirely new ideas.

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“Opportunity to collaborate with cross-industry leaders to ‘mind mash’ great ideas.”

– Holcim

“What I walked away with was shared wisdom, new contacts and validation that I’m on the right track.”

– Suncorp

“Smart minds sharing their experience and wisdom with each others’ challenges.”


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