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Bringing people together to collaborate, share and learn.

At Hargraves, we’re committed to delivering events and workshops which enhance your network, expand your thinking and reveal new insights. Each carefully curated agenda is designed to address the trends and challenges facing leaders, teams and individuals, with participation managed to support genuine collaboration and sharing.

Our fully facilitated and highly interactive online and face-to-face activities share practical insights, tools and takeaways to deliver an authentic collaboration experience for leaders and teams. 

VIP members and Alumni enjoy priority registration and other benefits. All event participants are bound by our charter, and our policies, terms and conditions.

Many of our face-to-face events are hosted to maximise collaboration through free or discounted registration. Hosting is easy and hosts enjoy great benefits. 

  • Engage your leaders and teams through external collaboration.
  • Lead the conversation toward a topic of relevance and interest.
  • Showcase your premises and be seen as a leader of innovation.
  • Additional tickets so you can invite your stakeholders, clients and service providers.
  • Complimentary tickets for paid events.

And quite often, the host CEO drops in to say a few insightful words.

Depending on the event type and time, we generally need: 

  • A room to suit - boardroom, meeting room, breakout room etc. 
  • Catering - anything from a cuppa and biscuit to breakfast, morning tea or lunch.
  • Technology such as the ability to show a presentation.
  • A point of contact.

We'll arrange invitations, participants,  facilitators, tools, promotion etc. 

Get in touch to propose a topic or chat about hosting

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