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Collaborative teams are the first step to breaking down silos.

“Though most executives recognise the importance of breaking down silos to help people collaborate across boundaries, they struggle to make it happen. That’s understandable: it’s devilishly difficult. Think about your own relationships at work — the people you report to and those who report to you, for starters.” (Harvard Business Review)

The first place to start to break down silos and improve collaboration is to start with ourselves. Understanding our own potential is the first step to building better collaboration. Better collaborative people build better collaborative teams.

Better collaboration is “the secret sauce” for successful organisations. The complex and fast-paced environments in which we operate mean that many heads are needed to deliver real value.

But there’s also a massive amount of research about why collaboration doesn’t work. In some academic contexts, for instance, up to 80% of collaborations actually fail.

Not surprisingly, the research suggests that this failure usually comes down to the people and structures. We assume that because we are social beings, we all know how to collaborate and, given the opportunity, we‘ll happily do it. However, it seems that many of us just don’t know how to and our work structures inhibit us.

Based on years of experience working with Australia’s leading organisations, Hargraves Institute has developed some great advice for organisations, teams and individuals about how to break down silos and how to create, and be part of, healthy and effective collaboration at work that delivers real advantage.

For starters, download our collaboration white paper, From ‘Me’ to ‘We’, to learn more about what individuals need for healthy collaboration. This white paper also includes our Collaboration Assessment Tool — give it a go and see how you (and even your team) really feel about collaboration.

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