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Our free innovation tools and resources stem from many years of insights and collaboration with leaders, teams, partners and experts.

Like our namesake, Lawrence Hargrave, we share experience to help you connect, collaborate and innovate.

White Papers and Guides

Good Is The Enemy Of Great​

The truth is that good performance on a steady-state offer doesn’t cut it anymore. People and teams have to be more resilient, more adaptive and more collaborative to maximise learning and change. People and teams have to be great.

From 'Me' to 'We', Collaboration Assessment Tool White Paper

Understanding our own potential is the first step to building better collaboration. Better collaborative people build better collaborative teams.

Changing the Innovation Climate

This guide is for those who have learned that people—employees—are an organisation’s most valuable resource for developing a positive climate for innovation.

Governing Innovation for Performance​

Today, in a world of increasing competition and accelerating rates of change, leaders are faced with the dilemma of how to balance both ‘doing things right’ and ‘doing the right things’. It is time to ‘work different’.

radicalCX DIY Workshop Guide

Use liberating structures, collaboration circles and journey mapping, to understand your customers’ jobs-to-be-done and improve customer experience.

Collaboration Canvas & Guide​

The Collaboration Canvas was designed in collaboration with Phil Preston and Jane Cockburn in response to problems that organisations face when trying to convert initial ideas into meaningful projects and business innovations.


Designing Collaboration for Senior Leaders Playbook

Helping leaders and individuals become great collaborators in the digital workplace.

Remote Working Playbook

Tips and advice, goals and progress for leaders and teams working remotely.

A Quest for Innovation

If you lead a team – no matter how large or small – this step by step guide will help you determine your team’s innovation strategy – where you’re at, where you’re going and how to get there.


Innovation Principles Diagnostic

Analyse priorities and performance across 4 core areas - people, process, ideas and collaboration.

Designing Collaboration Diagnostic

A series of simple, plain-language statements that distil all the great collaborative behaviours in ‘Designing Collaboration: An Essential Handbook for Today’s Digital Workplace’.

Canvas & Templates

“Innovation is easy if you ask the right questions. Asking the right question is the hard part.”

That’s why we’ve drawn from our research and insights to develop a series of question canvases for teamwork sessions. Each canvas includes a series of critical questions under 8 pillars including expertise, belief, perspectives, behaviours, culture, action, relationships and infrastructure. Each pillar includes approximately 6 customised and topic relevant questions, providing 48 questions to help identify strategies for improving team and/or organisational performance.

Designed for both face-to-face and online collaboration, the canvases quickly and easily allow participants to assess and prioritise actions. Through a process of elimination - deleting questions which aren’t important (at this time), and then classifying the remaining important questions into those that are already well managed, and those that need attention.

SOAR & the Modern Workplace Canvas

You already have the tools for better digital collaboration, but are you maximising their productivity? Explore a 3-step process and question canvas to kick-start digital transformation and become a modern workplace.

Team Collaboration Canvas

Compiled from 15 years of insights from working and working with leaders and teams, this Canvas helps you teams identify their priority areas and address challenges.

Make It Happen Template

A step by step template to help you work through projects and challenges. May be used in tandem with 123 Innovate Collaboration Cards.

123 Innovate Guide

A guide to help you understand ‘See Think Do’ and the process behind 123 Innovate

Other Resources

A critical part of innovation and creativity is the ability to ‘ask the right question’. When you ask the right question, the human brain starts the natural process of investigation, deliberation and decision. The problem is to ask the right question!

Our 123 Innovate Collaboration Cards include almost 100 great questions, developed through years of sharing insights around successful innovation.

123 Innovate Team Deck

48 question cards to help you and your team identify and address opportunities and challenges.

123 Innovate Individual Deck

48 question cards to help you identify and address opportunities and challenges.

Team Mojo

Does your team need innovation mojo?

Tough Problems



Are you an EX=CX=DX leader or team? Identify your current strengths and weaknesses.

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