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For remote team building, start with the ‘What’ not the ‘Why’

I’m sure you’re familiar with “Start With Why”, the 2009 best selling book by Simon Sinek. If you haven’t read the book, perhaps you’re one of the 50 million people – twice the population of Australia – who have watched his TEDx talk.

Sinek’s Golden Circle WHY-HOW-WHAT model is a go-to for leaders everywhere, and it’s a handy tool to use when developing your high-performing remote and hybrid teams. 

But when applying this model to your team, the most effective way is to reverse it – WHAT, then HOW, then WHY.

Let me explain.


Start with your team members. Identify what brings out their best and enables them to thrive. Sometimes teams are too busy ‘doing’ to take time out to understand their collective individual strengths and passions that contribute to the team’s success as a whole.

For example, we will communicate better with our stakeholders to ensure our role is better understood AND we are included in their project deliberations.


Identify how to improve on any actions that contribute to how your team’s unique environment happens. How your team works together and collaborates is what makes it special.

For example, with new systems, we will undertake a training analysis and prioritise our skills improvement.


These are the goals – organisation, team and individual – that will be achieved ‘because of your team’. Why you do what you do. In large organisations, it is sometimes difficult for individuals to connect the day to day efforts of their team to the organisation’s overall strategy.

For example, we will deliver accurate forecasts that are achieved.

Gallup says that teamwork cannot exist apart from the "something" that your team is working to achieve.

That something is your 'WHY'.

How do you work together, apart?

The goal of managers and team leaders is to coach their teams to be high performing, where people engage with their work and the team. However, many leaders lack the skills, time, or even budget for such efforts even at the best of times. And, team building is both more critical and challenging for remote and hybrid teams who can’t physically get together. 

The solution is to bring the team together virtually with physical activities that are very different to the day-to-day webinars and meetings that fill our calendars – combining physical tools with digital whiteboards to engage your teams, anywhere, any time.

And to remind your team that they matter, surprise them with a Care Package including physical tools for your workshop, goodies like chocolate and sultanas to nibble during the session, and perhaps a nice soap, etc.

Where do you start?

Collaborizza Online combines the proven tools from Collaborizza with digital whiteboards and facilitation techniques from Firebox, into one powerful, immersive team building workshop for remote teams.

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