Transform your new modern workday

A collaborative conversation designed for NSW Small Business Month

In this 45-minute session, we’ll examine new data and practical insights to help leaders make better decisions and transform for the new modern workday.

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Are you asking about?

  • How to understand trust and loyalty during a period of acceptance of rapid change?

  • How to maintain security and a single source of truth when technology empowers remote teams and individuals?

  • How to make good decisions when unknowns outnumber the knowns?

This special session for NSW Small Business Month has been designed for  SME leaders and directors facing the new reality of changing employee and customer expectations without opening the doors to uncertainty and risk.

We’ll present practical insights and the latest data from our global partners to help you and your teams make better decisions and continually adapt to a new business reality.

Did you know?

  • Research by Zoho Australia shows that for SMEs, remote working is here to stay and take up in NSW is strong.
  • Productivity issues are the biggest barrier to remote working for SMEs. 
  • Employee engagement scores in the US reached a new high in May 2020 and a new low in June 2020, since 2000 (Gallop).
  • Work performance scores reached a new high AND new low during global lockdown (PWC).

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How do you leverage the new change acceptance of employees and customers?
  • How do you ensure engagement within and between teams for better collaboration?
  • How can questions and insights assist decision-making?

Work is no longer defined by the workplace. Work is defined by the workday. A modern workday is about people, enhanced by technology. A new modern workday is when we proactively create and plan a new future of work. There are no rules to follow…yet! 

Hargraves Conversations

Hargraves Conversations are more than just a webinar or video; they are a unique opportunity to connect with experts and peers and explore topics that are important to individual participants.

Ask questions and collaborate within a facilitated framework designed to nurture direct relationship and genuine conversation.

(Registrations coordinated by Hargraves as per our Charter and event T&C’s.)

Based on our successful Collaborative Circle format, Collaborative Conversations are:


Everyone contributes, often simultaneously. Outputs are available immediately.


Expand your network and connect with your peers from across our community. 

Outcome focused

Collaborative events which are transparent, lead to action and focus on real outcomes.


Improve learning, explore ideas and encourage a sense of shared purpose.


Perspectives and mindsets. Everyone is heard.


Delivered using your existing digital collaboration tools and platforms to reduce both time and cost.

  • 20 October  2020
    10:00 am AEDT - 10:45 am AEDT
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