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Innovation Mindset Program

Being innovative means “helping innovation happen” – and we all do it.​ Research shows that over 70% of innovation comes from collaboration (and imitation), while less than 20% comes from entirely new ideas (innovation). Indeed, innovation often comes from unexpected places. Your day-to-day work, a routine project or an informal chat. It may not be your idea, just an idea you contributed to without realising.

And because innovation isn’t confined to specialist roles, people or projects, any number of tools and techniques might help. It’s not the tools you use; it’s how you use them. The key is to understand your role and innovation mindset strengths. And knowing how to collaborate confidently and express your ideas to create new and different solutions.

In this highly engaging program, you’ll think through and develop ideas, then reflect on your own experience to discover your role in helping innovation happen. And, we’ll share tools and techniques to empower you to collaborate with your team; to co-create ideas and new solutions for your organisation and your customers.

  • Explore the habits and behaviours of an innovation mindset.
  • Discover tools and techniques you can use on your own or with your team. For example, ‘Yes, And’, ‘See Think Do’, and ‘Collaboration Capability’.
  • Apply the Innovation Mindset Framework to reveal your mindset strengths and role in helping innovation happen.
  • Share stories with other participants to appreciate the different roles, people and motivations behind successful innovation.
  • Improve individual and team performance and outcomes and build innovation and collaboration capability.

What makes our Innovation Mindset program different?

Reflect, absorb and apply what you’ve learned back in the workplace, then ask follow-up questions in the next session. Over four sessions, this program will combine online learning, networking and engagement with the time, opportunity and support to apply your new skills back at work.

Develop a real project to embed your new habits and behaviours. Be supported while you develop your pitch (and confidence) to put your idea forward. We’ll work with you to identify a real challenge and develop a small project to deliver practical outcomes using the skills and tools. In the optional follow-up session, you’ll receive feedback on your project and have the opportunity to practice your pitch.

This program will be delivered online over two weeks via four x 1.5-hour modules. The follow-up session will be scheduled a month later based on participant availability. A maximum of 12 participants allows for genuine reflection, collaboration and networking.

“Love the tools – re-framing, pitch tool, innovation mindset. Tess is a great facilitator, and there was a good mix of small and all group discussion and exercises.” J. Alfred, Baptist World Aid Australia

Who should participate?

  • Individuals who want to become more confident in creating and expressing their ideas.
  • Those in their early career who want to learn how to identify opportunities to improve and do things better.
  • Team members who want to improve their skills and collaborate confidently to support new ideas, change and improvement.
  • Leaders looking for tools and techniques they can use with their team to nurture open thinking and a culture of innovation.

A note for leaders

Encourage your team members to participate in this program. They’ll develop their confidence and skills to think about new solutions and nurture healthy collaboration behaviours essential for modern work. For example, understand how different roles and perspectives contribute to ideas (diversity). Engage teammates in developing ideas (sense of belonging). And a sense of progress, autonomy and competence comes when we build our innovation and collaboration capabilities.

Meet the facilitator

Tess Julian understands that innovation is all about people. She helps organisations provide employees with the opportunity, ability, and motivation to create ideas that make the enterprise a great workplace and a good business. Her unique insight into how stories can help organisations understand the people and motivation behind successful innovation underpins several of our programs, including Innovation Mindset and our Hargraves Innovator Awards.

Over the past two years of remote work, Tess has successfully transformed many of our programs – including Innovation Mindset – into an engaging online format that brings people together, develops practical skills and builds capability.

Download the brochure

Learn more: What is Mindset, and why is it important?


Develop your Innovation Mindset

2.00 - 3.30
1 September 2022 (Module 1)
Tess Julian

Innovation Conversation

2.00 - 3.30
6 September 2022 (Module 2)
Tess Julian

Innovation Culture & Collaboration

2.00 - 3.30
8 September 2022 (Module 3)
Tess Julian

Make Change Happen

2.00 - 3.30
13 September 2022 (Module 4)
Tess Julian

Project & Pitching (Follow-Up Session)

TBA - Oct 2022
(Time to be agreed by participants)
Tess Julian
Tess Julian
Tess Julian
Principal Consultant, Hargraves Institute

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Each registration includes all 4 modules plus the follow-up session (to be scheduled separately)

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01 - 13 Sep 2022

Local Time

  • Timezone: Australia/Sydney
  • Date: 01 - 13 Sep 2022


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