Better remote workshops using Firebox - Introductory Session

In this 90-minute session, you will learn – through participating – how to design and facilitate a successful online workshop. 

Explore brainstorming, problem-solving and team-building using our Firebox methodology, design and agile tools, interactive whiteboards and video.

Right from your desktop, laptop or tablet.

While digital technology has enabled a new world of remote work, it’s up to us to adapt our tools and technology to deliver real outcomes. It’s not enough to watch a webinar or video or participate in an online meeting. Remote working requires us to find new ways of working and new ways of working with what we have. To engage as teams, expand our thinking and build new knowledge and relationships.

The challenge is better remote teamwork.

In this workshop, leaders and team leaders will learn how to deliver an online workshop to build thriving remote teams with existing tools such as MS Teams, Zoom, video and interactive whiteboards. Using brainstorming and problem-solving techniques, and the Hargraves Team Collaboration Canvas, participants, collaborate and engage simultaneously.

What makes this workshop different?

Think about your experiences with in-person workshops, carefully designed to energise participants and stimulate new ideas, insights and knowledge. The room layout, coloured pens and sticky notes, the process, visuals, facilitator, and even the food, are all selected to create an atmosphere and structure which encourages connection, creativity and solutions.

The challenge is to re-create the same energy and dynamic in an online “space” – to actively foster new or deep thinking, address issues, encourage brainstorming and new ideas.

Interactive online workshops are:

  • Fast. Everyone contributes simultaneously. Outputs are available immediately.
  • New and engaging. Participants actively contribute via ideas, images, comments, post-its, voting.
  • Improve teamwork and encourage a sense of shared purpose.
  • Outcome focussed. Workshops are transparent, lead to action and focus on real outcomes.
  • Encourage diverse perspectives and mindsets. Workshop activities allow individual contributions, so everyone is heard.
  • Increase creativity. The tools help canvas more options and examine issues from many diverse viewpoints.
  • Effective. Workshops and meetings require a significant time investment. Accelerating outcomes with online facilitation using existing tools reducing both time and cost.


Including those responsible for the everyday performance of teams, including innovation, HR, organisational performance, culture and engagement.

Tools Firebox-brochure
What is Firebox?

Based on our 'people first' approach, Firebox is a toolset, method and mindset with design thinking and agile principles. Using Firebox for remote workshops and meetings enables people to interact, builds engagement and belonging, and identifies new and novel outcomes all sorts of challenges.

  • Free online workshop
    16 June  2020
    9:00 am AEST - 10:30 am AEST
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