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Balancing Risk and Reward in the Post-Covid Workday

An online conversation for leaders and teams facing the new reality of changing work and customer expectations while balancing risk and reward.

Explore the latest data and practical insights from our global partners to help you and your teams make better decisions and adapt to the new modern workday.

To support digital leadership and collaborative conversation, this webinar is limited to 8 participants and is suited to people leaders who are responsible for teams in large organisations.

Work is no longer defined by workplace. Work is defined by workday.
A modern workday is about people, enhanced by technology.
A new modern workday is when we proactively create and plan a new future of work.
There are no rules to follow…yet!

Are you wondering about?

  • How to understand trust and loyalty during a period of acceptance of rapid change?
  • How to maintain security and a single source of truth when technology empowers remote teams and individuals?
  • How to lead and manage with a lack of oversight and transparency of peoples work?
  • How to make the right decisions when unknowns outnumber the knowns?

AO.com’s Chief Executive said the coronavirus pandemic has seen “five years accelerate into only five weeks” in terms of online shopping behaviour.

Our conversation will discuss:

  • Leveraging the new change acceptance of employees and customers.
  • Collecting data to improve accountability and performance.
  • Using tools to engage teams for better collaboration.
  • Using questions and insights including recent global research to make decisions.


Microsoft Teams and other collaboration platforms have grown dramatically.

Did you know?

  • The number of scheduled meetings has increased between 7% and 100%.
  • Meeting times have increased by over 10%.
  • The average time between the first and last meeting has increased by more than an hour.
  • Over 70% of organisations plan to shift to more remote working.
  • The percentage of self-led teams has increased by nearly 50%.
  • 8 July  2020
    11:00 am AEST - 11:45 am AEST
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