Innovation at Facebook

Employee Experience Equals Customer Experience

People centricity is an important topic.

Workplace by Facebook hosted a full house of members and guests including AIG, QBE, CBA, Qantas, Suncorp, Sydney Trains, Primary Health and Health Share to explore and share the most recent wisdom and experiences in employee experience, customer experience and innovation.

In true Hargraves tradition, the discussions were open, honest and frank. No records were taken and all participants busily recorded their own insights.

Topics discussed included:
  1. How do you bring the voice of the front-line to our leadership team?
  2. What is the most impactful initiative or leadership action you have seen to drive the shift to a customer centric culture?
  3. What does diversity mean to you? How do you engage your people and capitalise on their individual and collective strengths and biases?
  4. Can the group share strategies for bringing customers to the centre out of the corporate environment (blue collar)? Also, tips for great customer coaches?
  5. How do you keep those who are ready for promotion when there’s no open position without breaking the budget? (Millennials are impatient.)
  6. What have you done/what do you do to identify ‘talent’ within your organisation? What do you do/what does that mean for the individual and their performance experience (PX)?
  7. What has been the most impactful customer experience (CX) changing project you have experienced?
  8. How do you get leaders to change?
  9. Empathy for customer problems – how to share to the executive team and those at the top.
  10. How others empower staff to drive innovation and CX when it’s not part of KPIs?

Did you know? Hargraves’ Collaborative Circles are complimentary events (online or in-person) to promote collaboration.

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