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Does your innovation ‘spark joy’?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (possibly a messy one) for the past few months, you’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo. This de-cluttering guru has taken the world by storm, ‘sparking joy’, or not, in households across the globe.

With January widely regarded as the ‘de-cluttering month‘ for many Australians, like her or loathe her, we can all learn something from her unique application of design thinking and process innovation.

“We learned it is possible to affect change in any seemingly overwhelming situation through commitment, planning, teamwork and dedication.Source

Lessons we can learn from Marie Kondo


Like our namesake, Lawrence Hargrave, Marie Kondo’s process is freely available for anyone to use. The internet is awash (dare I say cluttered) with images of tidy drawers and linen cupboards, tips and tricks from Marie and her many enthusiastic fans. All shared openly for mutual success.


Marie Kondo is considered a design thinker and that makes sense. She empathises with her client’s clutter, understands their needs, challenges their assumptions of what ‘sparks joy’, has a solution that works, and applies it as she goes.

Whatever the label – design thinking, process innovation, or innovation mindset – it’s a fresh approach to an age-old problem.


Through a common challenge – clutter – Marie Kondo is creating a global community of impassioned individuals sharing their insights and tips openly to help others. As we say, the more we share, the more we learn, evidenced and multiplied through YouTube, the internet and social media.

Join our open, collaborative community to share insights.

How can you apply the KonMari Method to your innovation process?

  1. Take a look in your ‘innovation drawer’. Is it cluttered?
  2. What have you been using that no longer works?
  3. What’s stuck at the back of the drawer?

Are your existing tools, programs and methods still relevant and effective? Do they work? Or could they work?

Or I guess as Marie would probably say, do they ‘spark joy’?

Hargraves can help you de-clutter your innovation strategy and start afresh. Take the first step with our free ebook, A Quest For Innovation.
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