Digital Collaboration Diagnostic

Understand your team’s collaborative behaviours

DTB Collaboration diagnostic

If you’re wondering where to start to improve digital team working, you’re not alone. According to the experts at Designing Collaboration, the question ‘Where do we start’ is quite common.

Like any business initiative, the answer is to understand the current state and how people use the tools they have. We can focus on what we need to improve or fix when we know that. 

Notably, the criteria are not technology dependent. That’s why our collaboration diagnostic focuses squarely on ‘people’ factors like trust, engagement, and connection.

Developed by our expert partners and incorporating several years of experience working with clients across multiple industries and agencies, this Diagnostic provides a simple DIY process for team leads and line managers to evaluate their progress toward building successful hybrid teams.

Give it a try!

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Developed in collaboration with our partners at Designing Collaboration.

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