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Design-Led Innovation – The Secret to Customer Centricity

Successful designers are typically remembered for the beautiful things they make that have function as well as form. They excel at delivering the emotional connection we have with products – and that is why we buy. This can be applied to all types of businesses and types of problems – it is not just about the transaction for products but experiences within and outside the business.

“Increasingly the public not only expects services to be more accessible and reliable; they expect them to meet their personal needs. Citizens are moving out of their traditional role as “passive recipients” to that of engaged consumers and service delivery models can and should evolve to meet this.

Increasingly complex social goals, especially preventative measures, cannot be achieved by doing things to people as opposed to doing things with them”.

Briggs et al, Co-Design: Toward A New Service Vision For Australia.

The principles and processes that are intuitive to these designers can also be embedded into your business. Creating and aligning teams of people who think like designers can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace and create meaningful customer and employee experiences. 

Creation of Value

Design thinkers encapsulate a customer-centric business approach – they focus on real-world interaction and experimentation. They are led by deep customer insights, articulated and unarticulated customers needs. They create products, services, processes, business models, strategies and conversations that have high value for your customers and employees. 

There are processes and tools that enable you to learn and apply customer-led behaviours such as empathy, integrative thinking (analytical and novel), optimism, experimentalism and collaboration to everyday business and leadership.

Implementing Design Led Innovation principles can help you to differentiate yourself from others in your market.

This challenges us to ask:

  • Are you creating real change within your organisation and with your customers?
  • Do you need to think about shifting your relationship with customers and employees from one of passive consumption to participatory?
  • What type of relationship do your customers want with you?

To learn more about the impact of design-led innovation on customer and employee experience, please get in touch.

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