How to start a meaningful conversation about culture

With the Culture Conversation Sheet


Today, employee experience, resilience and well-being take centre stage. Thriving teams and meaningful one-on-one conversations have never been more critical – conversations that empower, not drain.

Managers are the driving force behind thriving teams, yet many struggle to balance the responsibilities of leading a hybrid team with the demands of their own workload. Hence, making time to start meaningful conversations about culture (or other team behaviours) with every team member is challenging. Further, starting one-on-one conversations can be daunting.

So, where do you start?

With one meaningful connection at a time. So, for busy managers needing a little help to initiate those connections, the “Culture” Conversation Sheet is the answer.

Whether on-screen (hybrid) or printed (in-person), this engaging tool provides a focal point, something to work on together, removing the pressure that can come from facing someone across the table. At the same time, the open questions provide a framework to raise issues safely and build on outcomes.

FLOW Conversation Cue Cards
developed in collaboration with Ricky Nowak (MAICD, CSP), Hargraves Partner and Leadership Coach, Author and Expert 

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