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Cultivating Super-Minds to Drive and Deliver Strategy

The waves of change are not going to subside anytime soon. As AI and other advanced technologies permeate the workplace, flipping mindsets, learning new behaviours and skills and shaping organisational cultures are causing us to radically rethink work in ways that maximise the intelligence of both humans and machines. Leading companies are recognising that these technologies are most effective when they complement humans, not replace them.

There is also growing recognition that AI tools require human oversight. Many organisations lack the readiness and receptivity for the exponential changes that will impact. In that, they have not been proactive in addressing the widening gap between AI and other emerging advanced technologies with the vital people factor.


Developing a competitive advantage

Developing a systemic and cultural advantage that maximises human and machine potential is a critical piece of the jigsaw in adapting, collaborating, competing and growing a business.  Yet the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2018 Report analysis of this “readiness gap” for this issue shows that, while 72% of their respondents see this area as important, only 31% feel ready to address it.

Also, the impact of culture on business performance is hard to overstate: 82% of the respondents to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage, yet few organisations truly understand its potential to create and nurture super-minds that can drive and deliver strategy through disruption.


Data tools for leading and managing culture

Today, there are also new data tools available to help leaders measure and manage culture toward alignment with and achievement of business goals.

Leaders now have access to new high precision tools to identify both their organisation strengths, as well as the hidden factors constraining their organisation’s growth ability. The OGI® (Organizational Growth Indicator®) is a 21st-century tool, vital for every business leader because it identifies and provides tangible metrics of the readiness and receptivity gaps.

The OGI® reveals both the strengths and the constraints occurring in your organisation which impact your ability to affect value creation for your customers and organisational growth for your business.

It measures your leaders, peoples’ and teams’ ability to adapt, connect, evolve and innovate through disruption.


Power of the collective mindset

All people demonstrate a set of individual preferred mindsets – these mind states are psychologically based and create both their worldviews.

OGI Impact

Alternately, all organisations demonstrate a unique set of collective growth mindsets – these influences how an organisation seeks to fulfil its vision and strategic goals. It also identifies how your people’s collective mindsets drive your overall performance, financial and otherwise.


Enhancing capability to cultivate super-minds

The OGI® provides hard data that enables you to reshape your individual leaders’ mindsets and your organisation’s collective growth mindsets. It reveals which collective mindsets are predominant in your organisation, across defined demographic segments including comparisons between:

  • Executive teams’ collective mindset to the middle managers,
  • Divisions, brands and locations.

Which underpin your ability to deliver your vision, purpose and strategy as they impact:

  • The decisions you make.
  • Where you spend time.
  • How you pay attention.
  • Where you direct resources.
  • How your people are engaged and aligned and how they collaborate.
  • How your organisation can be agile, adaptive and resilient.

Enhance your overall capability in resetting the rules for successfully leading the way in tackling the changes and challenges emerging in the 21st century through collaboration and innovation.

To learn more about OGI® or speak to an OGI accredited consultant, contact Allan Ryan, Hargraves Innovation Coach or Janet Sernack, Founder and CEO of ImagineNation™.

Written by our partner, Janet Sernack, CEO and Founder of ImagineNation.

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