Congratulating our 2019 Lawrence Hargrave Award Recipients

Hargraves was established in 2006 as a community to collaborate and share experience around best methods, tools and programs to deliver productivity and growth. Supported by our experts and partners, our community has been involved in over $5 billion in measurable growth and improved performance. Our goal is to be active catalysts for our members and partners to continue to deliver productivity and growth into the future.

In 2006, our Advisory Council established the annual Lawrence Hargrave Awards in honour of our namesake to formally recognise 3 members who have made a significant contribution to our community, collaboration or innovation in Australia.

Recognition is a powerful tool to assist organisations to improve. Recognition gives an organisation the opportunity to promote its innovations and innovators, both nationally and internationally.

In 2019, we recognise the following members.

Lawrence Hargrave Award winners 2019

In recognition of her significant contribution to members, Jacqueline Linke

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is a very famous business meme. Jacqueline is a living example of how a ‘people first’ approach can create change even in the largest of organisations.

Jacqueline was the Innovation Manager at Sydney Trains where she took the challenge to change from an old staid culture to a modern, innovative culture.

With the help of Tess Julian, Jacqueline implemented innovation recognition to support local innovators and engage the senior leadership. Her initiative, Innovation Conversations, attracted over 300 staff to attend monthly get-togethers, after hours and at their own cost.

Sydney Trains recognised Jacqueline’s contribution and she’s now in a bigger role at Transport for NSW where again she is changing the culture.

In recognition of their significant contribution to members, HealthShare NSW

HealthShare NSW helps the staff that help you when you’re in a NSW hospital. Think food, transport, payroll and accounts servicing for over 100,000 staff, thousands of patients and millions of meals.

The HealthShare team have commenced a pilot innovation program for over 500 staff in patient transport services. Collecting over 30 ideas within days, with the go-ahead for the first project to commence shortly.

This award is for their initiative to include other sectors of NSW Health in the training. This openness and collaboration will accelerate innovation across the wider NSW Health network.

(Hargraves is also proud to work with Mid North Coast and North Sydney Local Health Districts, Health Education and Training Institute, the Ministry of NSW Health and the Australian Department of Health.)

In recognition of their significant contribution to Australia’s future, Dean Gutzke, Meat &Livestock Association

MLA have been members for nearly 10 years. During this time the Co-Innovation Program between MLA and the meat industry has grown to over 20 people across many sites, states and operations. Dean has attended many Hargraves conferences and events, proudly stealing/borrowing and sharing ideas.

Now Dean and his team at MLA are planning to give back by sharing their experiences of how to empower innovation across an industry. Stay tuned as more is to follow. The format used by MLA is the same as that of  Sydney Trains. True collaboration.

5 Year Member Service Awards

Our mission is shared success through community, collaboration and innovation. We recognise HETI and FIAL and thank them for their contribution over the past 5 years.

HETI is the NSW Health Education and Training Institute, responsible for training across all NSW hospitals including nursing. HETI first joined when we collaborated on a senior leaders program. This program has now morphed into the Connected Leadership program announced at Innovation2019.

FIAL is the Food Innovation Australia Limited industry growth centre. FIAL has the responsibility for innovation and growth across the whole Australian food manufacturing, agri production and beverage sectors – from apples to ale, biscuits to beef and from lollies to loaves.

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