Our difference is 'community'

Since 2006, we’ve welcomed thousands of people into our community. They’ve connected and collaborated, sharing experience and insights. Together, we’ve built a thriving community of practice for collaboration and innovation.

About Our Community

Innovation @ CSR

“Hargraves is built on endurable principles of collaboration and contribution and is THE membership community and network group that “you join and never leave” because one will always be connected with the people and the experiences created by Hargraves. The value of Hargraves is in the individuals that run Hargraves, their deep knowledge of business and innovation and the network and relationships they create.”

About Our Events

Innovator Recognition @ Sydney Trains

“This is an opportunity for us to showcase what our people have done at a greater level. Anyone who has been innovative has an opportunity to get some credentials towards a formal qualification in innovation.”

About Our Workshops

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