The Innovation Sweet Spot, that point at which a sufficiently vibrant collaboration culture begins to produce innovation spontaneously, remains the holy grail of innovation and collaboration professionals alike. An ideal future. We have the technology, but are we spending enough time focusing on the human behavioural elements required to get us there?

Innosis design leading digital collaboration tools, including the seven-part diagnostic included in their book, ‘Designing Collaboration’ which outlines what’s required today to assist teams of the future in achieving this highly sought-after goal.

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About Andrew Pope

Andrew is owner/partner of Consultancy Innosis in the United Kingdom (with Alister Webb in Australia). He advises large and medium-sized organisations throughout Europe and the USA on digital strategy & leadership, virtual team & community building, innovation programs and how to leverage social collaboration tools for business impact.

Andrew is co-author, with Alister, of Designing Collaboration – a series of books and tools to boost digital collaboration, team and community building. He also works as a facilitator, moderating two future workplace peer-to-peer groups, one in Oslo and one in Amsterdam.

Andrew Pope

About Alister Webb

After almost 20 years at Telstra in various content management, intranet and collaboration roles, Alister undertook consulting engagements with medium and large organisations focusing on the effective use of their social collaboration platforms and building their collaborative capability. Recently he co-founded Innosis with innovation specialist Andrew Pope, looking at collaboration as the pathway to sustainable innovation. Their focus is simple – change the conversation from collaboration tools to collaborative people. In September 2018 he published the book ‘Designing Collaboration: An Essential Handbook for Today’s Digital Workplace’, which has been adopted by many organisations as their blueprint for building social collaboration behaviours.

Alister Webb, Innosis
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