ImagineNation™ is a global network of future thinking innovation leaders, experienced in designing and delivering a wide range of programs and tools that help you to discover how your organisation can create and deliver sustainable innovation through innovation culture, leadership, coaching and teaming. They enable your business to be more innovative every day by unleashing your innovation potential and by developing the capability, confidence and capacity of your people to future proof your company’s profitability and sustainability in the Digital Age.

Janet Sernack is the founder and CEO of ImagineNation™ a Melbourne innovation consulting service that teaches, trains and coaches’ people and teams to step over their business as usual thresholds and open them up to a new world of conscious, creative and commercial possibilities. ImagineNation aims to always be ahead of the pack by educating the market on what it means to be innovative, bridging the gap between the way businesses talk about innovation and what it really means to be, think and act differently to co-create a world where people matter and innovation is the norm.

Janet has 30 years of experience consulting & leading culture development, change management, leadership & top team development, innovation education & coaching interventions to some of Australasia’s & Israel’s top 100 companies. She is an ICF PCC certified executive coach, an Associate Fellow of ILM, a NLP certified presenter, trainer, facilitator and executive coach and has tertiary qualifications in Marketing, Adult Learning and Workplace Assessment and Training.

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