Creators of clearer communication and better collaboration through image cards

CCS Corporation is an Australian company well known in training and development circles as the creator of the image-based communication tool, the Compatibility Communication System, or CCS Cards. Co-directed by Leonie Cutts and Craig Browne, the company pioneered the card-based common image communication concept used in CCS Cards more than 20 years ago. CCS Cards have now been used in pretty much every industry and in over 70 countries worldwide to create clearer, more effective communication in facilitation and training, coaching and self-discovery.

In addition to developing and supporting the CCS image cards tool, the company now regularly produces customised organisational and people development products to promote clearer, more engaging communication.

Most recently, CCS Corporation has partnered with Hargraves Institute to produce the team collaboration tool known as, Collaborizza®.

Leonie Cutts, co-founding director of CCS Corporation and co-developer of the CCS Cards, is an enthusiastic professional facilitator and coach. With a background in education and psychology and over 25 years of building and delivering programs for leaders and teams, Leonie is passionate about drawing out people’s strengths to help them grow personally and contribute to organisational intelligence.

In addition to recent work with Hargraves Institute to develop Collaborizza, Leonie is also focusing her attention on healthcare, with a particular interest in caring for the carers and the impact on the patient experience. To this end, she has developed and piloted ‘Meaningful Moments’, an innovative program to improve communication and relationships between families, residents and staff in aged care.

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