Tess Julian

Principal Consultant
Hargraves Institute

Tess Julian has devoted her professional life to empowering individuals in the workplace, focusing on the development of essential skills. Her journey began as a high school drama teacher, nurturing young minds through creative expression. Later, she transitioned into training adults in soft skills, honing their abilities to navigate professional environments effectively. Presently, Tess’s concentration lies in cultivating skills vital for the modern workplace: innovation, collaboration, and diversity.

Understanding that an organisation’s prosperity is intricately tied to its people, Tess strives to assist companies in providing their employees with the necessary tools, skills and strategies. She is committed to creating safe and inclusive workplaces where every employee can thrive and feel a true sense of belonging.

Throughout her extensive career, Tess has personally encountered and surmounted numerous obstacles faced by women across various organisational settings. As an employee, leader, business partner, and founder, she has firsthand experience in navigating challenges and breaking down barriers.

With a wealth of experience in facilitation and training across diverse contexts, she has a proven track record of engaging and inspiring individuals to make a meaningful difference. Drawing from both her personal journey and the latest research, Tess Julian offers practical and timely insights to guide transformative change and foster the development of skills necessary for success in the workplace.

[Tess’s commitment to building diverse organisations has been captured in a case study following one client being awarded Ellect Stars in Gender Equality.]

Email: tessj@hargraves.com.au
Mobile: 0412 044 184

"Thank you to Tess for an excellent program. I found the course material succinct. It included some helpful tools and excellent references to books, blogs etc and it was great to learn from other participants. Changing my mindset to ask ‘Yes And’, instead of ‘Yes But’ is now a habit thanks to the program."

"Tess was a wonderful facilitator. Warm and inclusive yet able to challenge us and push us to new ways of thinking. She was an excellent listener, drew out the quieter members of the group and created a safe space for people to share."

Hargraves has taken our project on a journey and shown how the assessment of individuals and the work completed by them can be greatly enhanced by having conversations and insights from professional such as yourselves. The Recognition and Awards, outstanding, powerful and satisfying.

After 30 years of sales and marketing, your personal expertise has lifted my engagement to levels I thought past. I now look at staff and their needs with care and excitement for their energy is my opportunity. Belief, help, trust and reflection will all lead to psychological safety. Thank you.

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