Tess Julian

Principal Consultant, Hargraves Institute

Tess has worked in the area of organisational innovation for the past 15 years. Her experience includes both managing her own company and working in partnership with several leading innovation consultancies, including six years implementing Open Innovation systems in Australia and internationally for InnovationXchange (IXC).

Her current focus is on building innovation capability in organisations, large and small, public and private, and developing and implementing people-based innovation in a range of businesses and across many industries.

Tess understands that innovation is all about people. She helps organisations provide the opportunity, ability and motivation for employees to use their ideas to make the enterprise a great workplace and a good business.

Acknowledged as an expert facilitator, Tess runs interactive and practical sessions in innovation skills and innovation leadership. She also conducts research and evaluation into issues related to innovation, collaboration and skills and training needs.

Tess is responsible for designing and delivering many of our Hargraves tools and programs, including the Hargraves Innovator Awards in collaboration with members and leading organisations.

Email: tessj@hargraves.com.au
Mobile: 0412 044 184

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