Sandra Loader

Member Advocate (Victoria), Hargraves Institute

Sandra is a professional executive director focused on making a difference as a leader when it comes to innovation, technology, and protecting our environment. Her active engagement drives decisions into action. Her experience on boards across the Food and Beverage sector, sports and government, in addition to coaching and mentoring individuals, small business and communities, make her well equipped to drive change.

Experienced in leading innovation, Sandra is the Hargraves Advocate for Victoria. Hargraves is known for connecting leaders of innovation who are making a difference. The Hargraves community inspires knowledge sharing and problem-solving to generate new and different perspectives through collaboration with like-minded people across diverse sectors.

Sandra is a non-executive director (NED) on three boards with skills spanning Strategy, Planning, Risk, Governance, Compliance and Innovation across the FMCG sector and Not for Profit Associations. These boards include the Australian Beverages Council Ltd (ABCL), a member-based association for non-alcoholic beverages; the Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology(AIFST); and the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA). Also, she is the ABCL’s independent chair and leads several committees to drive results for members and their organisations.

Sandra has 30 years of FMCG experience, previously holding several executive roles within Asahi Beverages, including Executive Director for The Better Drinks Company across ANZ. Before that, she was the Science & Technology Director for Schweppes Australia for eight years, responsible for innovation, product development, packaging, national quality, consumer services and flavour manufacturing. She also has 20 years of confectionery experience in various General Manager roles for Cadbury Schweppes across Commercial Planning, Food Service Sales and Strategy & Planning.

Sandra has led both technical and commercial functions. She is known for developing and implementing business change programs at senior levels and across multiple functions. Her experience extends to mergers and acquisitions and leading strategic projects that span several countries.

She now spends her time focusing on the things that genuinely matter and making effective, positive change across multiple platforms. Sandra is always exploring what it takes to be successful in the new and continually changing landscape of business and our environment.

Mobile: 0413 452 484

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