Leisl Kimber

Member Services, Hargraves Institute

Our admin and process queen!

Leisl is a highly capable process innovator and skilled administrator with a passion for community, collaboration and innovation. From managing our Hargraves community and communications to tools, programs, social media, admin and accounts, Leisl has it in hand.

After many years as an EA/Office Manager, Leisl has extensive experience in administration, executive support, and corporate events, including golf days, boardroom events and team functions. Her expertise in designing and managing systems and office admin is the perfect background for managing Hargraves day-to-day and keeping the team on track. (She can even tap out some rusty shorthand!)

Leisl joined Hargraves in 2007 and works under the mantra ‘faces and smiles’ to ensure a friendly, welcoming community atmosphere to facilitate genuine collaboration.

After participating in the first Innovation Mindset program, Leisl discovered her own ‘license to innovate’ and capacity to be innovative.

In 2018, Leisl became the first member of our team to earn a Hargraves Innovator Award Finder and Creator. This Award recognised the family-friendly workplace policy she developed when her children started school, allowing working parents to take additional leave during school holidays without impacting productivity or reducing hours. To learn more, get in touch with Leisl – she’d be happy to share her idea.

Leisl Kimber

Email: leislk@hargraves.com.au
Mobile: 0411 578 519

“I have personally attended the Innovation Mindset workshop and fully recommend it to help you recognise your skills and capacity to be innovative.”

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