Allan Ryan

Founder & Executive Director
Hargraves Institute

With an engineer’s fascination for how things work, Allan Ryan has always been curious about the impact of innovation on organisations. Since completing his research at the Australian Graduate School of Management some 25 years ago, Allan has dedicated his career to helping leaders, teams, and organisations unlock their full potential and achieve a competitive edge through innovation.

Once an executive and CEO, Allan is now a highly respected expert and thought leader. His comprehensive understanding of innovation strategy, collaboration, culture, and mindset spans diverse sectors. These include private, public, and not-for-profit, where he works with local and global organisations of all sizes.

Recognising the importance of innovation in driving current and future growth, Allan has curated a managed and holistic approach that encompasses insights, idea generation, and implementation. By striking a balance between rigour, relevance, discipline, and creativity, Allan empowers organisations to embrace incremental and disruptive value-added change.

His experience spans a wealth of industries, from fast-moving consumer goods, building, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, paper industry and telecommunications to government and service companies. In addition, he offers consulting expertise on corporate growth and performance initiatives while providing invaluable coaching to leaders and teams.

In 2006, Allan had the foresight that future organisations must embrace collaboration to sustain success and momentum. This vision resonated and led to the establishment of Hargraves Institute. [Our HI-story.]

Allan’s unwavering commitment to innovation, profound expertise, and ability to foster collaboration have made him a highly sought-after facilitator, coach, and speaker. By leveraging his guidance and the power of innovation and collaboration, leaders and organisations can embark on a transformative journey that propels them towards unparalleled growth, enhanced performance, and increased shareholder value.

[Allan Ryan is also the founder of Managed Innovation International Pty Ltd (established in 2002) and was appointed Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School between 2010 and 2020.]

Mobile: 0418 614 243

"Awesome feedback from everyone. They are all saying it’s our best Connect event yet! Thank you for your great presentation. No risk of anyone falling asleep with all that audience participation and learning."

"Allan and Tess’s workshop was very timely for me and the team I lead. I appreciated that their presentation was research and data driven. Their work confirmed my inklings about the rapid changes work has experienced over the last few months and gave me some clear illustrations to back my thoughts.

But then I loved how they gave me some simple next steps on what to do next – so helpful. Great interactive session – thanks, guys."

“It was good to get together post-COVID and constructively discuss a good range of sometimes difficult topics. Allan is a genius at distilling meaningful insights from team activities! He’s also a great encourager, which is so important!”

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