Allan Ryan

Founder & Executive Director, Hargraves Institute

Allan is an educator, facilitator and coach with over 20 years’ experience helping leaders, teams and organisations deliver real competitive advantage through innovation. He works across all sectors, private and public, small and large, local and global, embedding innovation strategy, culture and mindset to deliver accelerated performance and increased shareholder value.

After working with leading organisations and carrying out detailed research, Allan determined that successful innovation is a vital part of driving both current and future growth. He works with organisations to develop a managed and comprehensive approach that incorporates insight, idea generation and implementation. This balance of rigour and relevance, discipline, and creativity delivers both incremental and disruptive value-added change.

Allan’s experience spans fast-moving consumer goods, building, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, paper industry, telecommunications, government and service companies. He provides consulting advice on corporate growth and performance initiatives, as well as coaching leaders of innovation and teams.

Through extensive collaboration with leading organisations, Allan has developed initiatives including People First Innovation and Tools, 123 Innovate, A Quest for Innovation, First Step Strategy, and the Gate Zero methodology for new product development.

In 2006, Allan determined that organisations of the future would need to collaborate to maintain success and momentum. His foresight was shared by leading organisations who worked with Allan and became the founding members of Hargraves Institute.

In addition to being the Founder and Executive Director of Hargraves Institute, Allan is also Executive Director of Managed Innovation International and Adjunct Professor, UTS Business School.

Mobile: 0418 614 243

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