Collaborative Leadership Whitepaper

Delivering outcomes through teamwork

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In the past, leaders often worked in silos, handling only the tasks that fell directly under their domain. Today, however, managers are leaning on collaborative leadership methods as a means of embracing innovation and meeting their organisation’s unique goals.

A Collaborative Leadership approach encourages ownership of the collaborative enterprise, builds trust and minimises turf issues, allows for more and better information, leads to better and more effective solutions, encourages new leadership from within the collaboration, empowers the group or community, and can change the way a whole community operates.

This White Paper explores how Collaborative Leadership: 

  • Drives employee experience, engagement, outcomes, silos, ideas and leadership development.
  • Aligns with the pillars of collaboration, including guidelines to develop the attributes in individuals and teams.

For a self-delivered approach, use the Collaborative Leadership Question Canvas with your team to help develop the confidence to engage and enhance connectedness with your organisation.

Collaborative Leadership Whitepaper

Collaborative Leadership Facilitated Program

Hargraves’ Collaborative Leadership Program will equip your leaders and managers with the skills and confidence to deliver outcomes and lead change. 

Download the brochure or get in touch to learn more.

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