Collaboration – What gets measured gets managed

Early in my career, a mentor said “The important things are dollars and numbers and the bigger the better’.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been very proud and excited about two examples of where our collaboration efforts have led to measureable dollars – and big numbers.

At the recent Disruptive Innovation Group meeting, Phil Kwok, Chief Technology Officer at ResMed publically thanked Derek O’Donnell, General Manager, Australian Beer Company (Coca-Cola Amatil) for sharing new insights. These insights have directly led to the success of their new product Air Sense 10 to become the fastest selling product in the history of ResMed.

This is how ONE event of collaboration generates hundreds of millions of dollars in value.

The second moment came when our partner, Cai Kjaer of Optimice, was preparing his presentation for the recent Disrupt Sydney Conference at Sydney University. Cai informed me that he has completed over 100 individual assignments to measure the collaboration performance in large, complex organisations. Cai became a Hargraves partner in 2006 and collaboratively we have been working to understand how innovation and collaboration work in the real world; and most importantly, in Australian organisations.

It’s well known that ‘what gets measured gets managed’.  Cai’s objective is to produce an independent and reliable measure of collaboration, and most importantly, share how to improve collaboration internally and externally to deliver measureable financial innovative outcomes.

As part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations in 2016, Hargraves will be releasing the “Measuring Collaboration for Innovation Performance” program. With over 100 case studies of Australian organisations, our objective is to give leaders a reliable, practical and whole of organisation approach to improving innovation though better collaboration.

Many organisations are facing the real threat of disruption. Some are planning to be disrupters. A recent study revealed that over 30% of Australian jobs will be impacted by digital and business model innovation. In some sectors, this could be 100%.

Improved collaboration is a major factor for success in a disruptive world. To be able to measure, then manage, and most importantly leverage, collaboration will become part of long term success.

The “Measuring Collaboration for Innovation” program is about understanding your organisation and giving practical actions for improvement. It’s not a scorecard or league table benchmarking exercise.

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