Remote Working

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How can leaders future-proof their workforce?

It goes without saying that our working lives have changed. And as Covid-19 becomes part of everyday lives, leaders need to stay ahead of the game; to continually reassess the risks of remote working including the emerging risks of returning to the office. It’s also vital to be informed by the latest trends and research….

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Remote Work vs. Remote Teamwork. Another conundrum!

There’s lots of help and support for individuals who suddenly find themselves working from home. But what about the team and team dynamics? How do you keep individuals working as thriving high performing teams when working remotely? How does HR provide team-building opportunities and resources for team leaders working remotely? How do HR and team…

What is the interesting new conundrum of Microsoft Teams?

Recently there have been several highly reputable independent studies that reveal a worrying potential aftereffect of the Covid19 crisis on your organisation and possibly your team. Before the Covid crisis, SWOOP Analytics released the most significant benchmarking study of Microsoft Teams ever undertaken. 57,000 people in 50 organisations. The results show that 83% of teams…

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